Additional Links

In this business of blogging you come along a lot of other very useful blogsites. Some of the most informative ones I’ve encountered are as follows:– Mike gives us a lot of good information on Google Ads and how to properly plan them out when trying to create a new campaign!– Dunia gives a lot of good examples of Display Ads in both text and video.– Nathan has some great info on SEO’s and why they are important as well as some very useful other sites to visit on the topic!– Jack gives us some insight on “links” and creating “backlinks” to help with the credibility of our sites!– Sara has created some great content on specific keywords and the search process.– Rylee gives a lot of good information on how to create the best Display Ads.– Zeinab has included a lot of helpful facts on On-site SEO’s.– Josue has created a lot of insight on the do’s and dont’s of Digital Marketing!

I hope these have helped to give you some more resources on your own personal journey of digital marketing and what it is and how it is so important to getting your brand our there! Feel free to drop me any comments you may have to feedback and GOOD LUCK!!