Google Ads- What’s The 411?

Google Ads is for a better way of saying, an “online advertising platform” offered by Google. The thing about Google Ads is that it is very cost-effective for pay-per-clicks. Some advertising companies online will charge you an arm and a leg where as Google wants you to use their company and then shows you the best results due to their hugely popular search engine.

Using Google Ads will be one of the best decisions you will make for your company to promote traffic considering 3.5 billion people use Google per day. This means you can not only increase leads, but also conversions and sales. There are also many different wants to advertise on the website.

Google offers a variety of different campaign types that you can use:

  • Search campaign-Search campaign ads appear as a text ad in the results page for the keyword.
  • Display campaign-The ads themselves are also flexible in terms of style. Your ad can be a gif, text, a video, or image.
  • Shopping campaign-A shopping campaign allows you to promote your products in a much more visual way.
  • Video campaign-The video campaign ads come in a variety of different forms. There’s skippable and un-skippable and they are mostly used in target campaigns.
  • App campaign-Like video ads, app ads are also included in the Display Network but can be used for targeted campaigns.