Michigan SEO Topics & Workflows

Search engine optimization often looks a lot like a tangled web of intertwined tasks, responsibilities, and theories, doesn’t it?

In most organizations, positioning a website in search engines involves multiple departments working together.

Some of them conduct keyword research and guide the SEO strategy. Others provide the content necessary for an SEO campaign, or review the Google Analytics data about its performance. And many work solely on design, development, and implementation.

However, many of those companies lack the most critical element that helps make it all come together – a solid SEO workflow.

As a result, they struggle to scale their efforts, and creates a tug of war between departments and doesn’t really achieve the maximum results.

The simplest way to define a workflow is as a set of scalable, repeatable activities you need to carry out to complete a task.

Note that it says, task, not a goal. That’s because, unlike a process, a workflow doesn’t focus on organizational objectives, like increasing online sales, for example. Rather, it aims to help you complete a specific project.

A good example of a task that workflow could complete is “to build pages for the main category keywords” to aid content marketing efforts.

A workflow defines the stakeholders in the project, their responsibilities, and timelines for completion.

This video explains a great way to Keyword Analyze and start planning your website. The content is extremely important in your steps to creating the most relevant website to what you want to get across to your audience.