What is Offsite SEO?

Off-page SEO, also known as off-site SEO, is a description of efforts taken to boost a website’s position in search engine results beyond the usual optimization strategies, which are mostly confined to the site itself.

Conventional SEO methods, sometimes referred to as on-page SEO, include ensuring that pages load quickly and cleanly, content is representative of the site focus, links work and the site is easy to navigate. One important off-page SEO action is providing a product or service that offers compelling value to potential customers. Savvy organizations also reach out to the potential customer base through external channels, such as guest posts and articles and social media interactions. Brand mentions, whether or not they link to the site, are also beneficial.

Modern day Off Site SEO requires socialization and syndication of your site content and links, by providing news and information, media and RSS feeds with your site data. As you develop more content for your site, deeper links will evolve from blogs, news and media companies which will cause your authority to grow.

Social Media is probably the most influential way to gain high quality back links from authority websites. These bookmarking sites include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many more. Off Site SEO works best if someone else is giving you the credit so it is highly recommended that you encourage visitors to your site to use the social bookmarks throughout your site. This is how you build deep inbound links for your keyword rich page content

Effective off site SEO requires a balanced link portfolio because sources of information and references matter to the search engines. For example, a link that contains your main keyword from a similar content themed site and a keyword used out of context from an unrelated site have very different degrees of relevance.

Search Engine Optimization achieving high rankings comes down to one thing, Relevance. While search engine placement will definitely lead to an increase in traffic (visitors) to your website, that traffic is of no value to you do not provide the content that gives visitors what they want.

It goes without saying that Content is King and its quality content that meets the needs of visitors to your site that will make you reign supreme. This is where the basic principle of relevance comes from. Relevance is why your site will be elevated in search engine results. When proper off site SEO is applied to a professionally developed website your site increase in relevance and grow its authority.

In a perfect transition to my next blog, here is a little diagram to show the difference between offsite and onsite SEO…


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